Working principle of fuel injection pump

Release time:

Nov 16,2021

Fuel injection pumps can be divided into three types: plunger type fuel injection pump, fuel injection pump—injector and rotor distribution type fuel injection pump.Among them, plunger—type fuel injection pumps have a long history and are widely used, with high reliability; fuel injection pumps and injectors combine the two into one, and are directly installed on the engine cylinder head, which can eliminate the adverse effects of high-pressure tubing (additional drive mechanism is required on the engine); rotor-distributed fuel injection pumps have only a pair of plungers, which mainly rely on the rotation of the rotor to achieve fuel pressurization and distribution, which has the characteristics of small size, light weight, easy to use, and low cost.

In our country, fuel injection pumps are based on plunger stroke, pump cylinder center distance and structure type, and then equipped with plungers of different sizes to form several fuel injection pumps with varying oil supply in a working cycle, forming I, ii, III and A, B, P, and Z series to meet the needs of various diesel engines.