What is the classification of fuel injection pumps?

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Aug 08,2022

Fuel injection pumps are classified as: plunger fuel injection pumps, injector fuel injection pumps, and rotor distribution fuel injection pumps.The fuel injection pump is an important part of the automobile diesel engine, which is composed of an oil pump mechanism, an oil supply adjustment mechanism, a drive mechanism, and a fuel injection pump body.The role of the fuel injection pump: 1. Increase the oil pressure; 2. Control the fuel injection time; 3. Control the fuel injection and adjust the speed and power of the diesel engine.Maintenance methods of fuel injection pumps: 1. National standard light diesel must be used; 2. Keep the diesel tank and diesel filter clean; 3. Check the oil in the governor daily; 4. If there is a skeleton oil seal between the fuel injection pump and the governor, the oil must be filled separately; 5. The fuel injection pump shall not be disassembled or adjusted at will.