How to maintain the car fuel injection pump

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Oct 04,2022

Fuel injection pumps are an important part of diesel vehicles.The fuel injection pump assembly is generally a whole composed of fuel injection pump, speed regulating motor and other components.Among them, the speed regulating motor is to ensure the limit of the diesel engine's low-speed operation speed and ensure the speed.As an important component of a diesel engine, the fuel injection pump is regarded as its “heart” component. Once it fails, the operation of the entire diesel engine will fail.

1.Suspension type sub-pump assembly.Plug and plunger sleeve.The parts such as the output and transmission oil pumps are fixed together with a steel sleeve of the sub-pump with a flange disc and become an assembly part.Use a clamp nut to stabilize the housing immediately, forming a suspension structure.The sleeve can be rotated at an angle.

2.Adjustment of the oil supply volume of each sub-pump.There is an arc groove on the flange plate of the steel sleeve of the sub-pump. Loosen the clamping nut and rotate the steel sleeve. The plunger sleeve of the sub-pump rotates at a certain angle, which changes the part of the inlet and return oil hole relative to the upper chute of the plunger, and the oil pumping time changes.

3.Adjustment of the starting point of the oil supply of the sub-pump.Adjust the washer on the lower side of the flange disc sleeve so that the oil inlet and return holes of the plunger sleeve move up and down in a small amount, thereby changing the starting point of the oil supply of the sub-pump relative to the upper end of the plunger.

4.The remaining oil adjustment organization of the ball pin angle flat plate type.1~2 bearing steel balls are welded on the surface of the end of the transmission sleeve. The cross-section of the oil supply support rod is angle iron, and a square groove is opened on the right-angle edge of its diameter. When working, the square groove is toothed with the bearing steel ball on the transmission sleeve.Non-adjustable roller body transmission parts;

5.Enclosed van pump body.The integral sealed pump body with immovable side windows is used, with only the top cover and the lower cover.The bending stiffness of the pump body is large, and it can carry higher oil pump pressure without deformation, which makes the plunger valve block have a longer life.;

6.Pressure lubrication method is adopted;

7.There is a special preparation stroke inspection hole with a screw plug above the roller body, which can be used to check whether the preparation stroke of the sub-pump is consistent (measured with a special instrument panel).